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Baby Proofing Your Home 101

Bringing your baby home from the hospital is an exciting and nerve wracking experience. Are you looking forward to all the quality time that you’ll get to spend with your precious angel, but you’re worried that your home is not safe enough for a baby?It is completely normal to have these concerns upon a baby’s arrival. However, these worries can easily be taken care of by planning ahead and baby proofing your home weeks prior to the big day.Set aside a weekend to baby proof your home with the tips listed below. Doing so will give you peace of mind and save you time and stress when it is time to bring the baby home.


  • Invest in a baby monitor
  • Look for a crib with fixed sides
  • Do not place pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and other toys inside crib
  • Do not hang heavy artwork above crib
  • Keep toys and other safe items within reach
  • Store all toys in plastic containers to prevent your toddler from hurting his/her fingers with lids


  • Install toilet lid locks
  • Keep the toilet bowl cleaner out of reach
  • Store razors in upper cabinets
  • Lock medications away
  • Get a non-slip bath mat
  • Keep soaps & toothpaste out of reach


  • Do not leave your pet’s kibble within your baby’s reach
  • Place covers over oven/stove knobs
  • Anchor your stove to prevent it from tipping over
  • Keep small magnets off the fridge
  • Invest in baby gates for stairs or to keep them away from certain areas

Living room

  • Keep indoor plants out of reach
  • Shield your fireplace
  • Secure TV on wall mounts
  • Remove dangling cords
  • Close off the fireplace

General tips

  • Place corner cushions on sharp table corners
  • Place sliding covers on all empty electrical outlets, regular outlet covers are okay but can be a choking hazard
  • Anchor wobbly furniture
  • Use safety latches on cabinets
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near
  • Have a list of emergency numbers taped near all phones & on the fridge
  • Invest in cordless blinds
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