Homeowner Articles Caring For Your Home: Spring Maintenance

Caring For Your Home: Spring Maintenance

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Snow, winter storms and freezing temperatures can be hard on your home. Spring is a great time to assess and repair any damage, and prepare your home for the warmer months ahead.


Give your home’s outside a little TLC. Fixing minor damage now can help prevent costly repairs. 

• Repair loose gutters or leaks and remove debris that can prevent free flow of water.
• Check exterior drainage to ensure nothing is causing water to puddle for an extended amount of time.
• Inspect, lubricate and clean all exterior vents.
• Inspect and adjust sprinkler systems. Adjust timer for the new season.
• Visually inspect the roof and outside of the chimney for any lost or damaged shingles or masonry.
• Inspect concrete areas for cracks. Fill with appropriate crack filler or caulk.


Help your yard recover from winter and get ready for more outdoor living as the temperatures rise.

• Rake the yard and remove winter debris.
• Fill in low areas in your yard or near foundation with soil. Re-mulch and aerate if needed.
• Once the ground fully thaws, start preparing new garden beds for summer.
• Service your lawn mower and yard equipment for yard work in the warmer months.

Check concrete for cracks and clean out gutters
Rake yard and remove winter debris
Prepare new garden beds for Summer


Spring is a great time to clean and dust the often neglected areas around your home. Clean winter items, such as humidifiers, as you put them away so they will be ready to use later in the year. 

• Inspect and service the air conditioning system.
• Clean or replace air conditioning filters.
• Clean and inspect the chimney system.
• Dust and clean areas around windows, above cabinets, ceiling fans and drapes.
• Vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator and freezer.
• Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed.
• Inspect or replace the fire extinguisher. 

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Clean windows and inspect weather stripping
Dust shelves, cabinets and moulding
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